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Is Target open on July 4th?

is target open on july 4th

I know someone who used to joke that Target’s name should be “The $100 Store” because you never walk out having spent less than that. While I don’t know many people who can argue with their logic from personal experience, what sounds like a snarky nickname should actually be a point of pride because you get so much stuff for that those 100 bucks. Sure, you’re parting with a Benjamin, but you can stock an entire cookout with that — and so you should. But wait, is Target open on July 4th?

Your change to show off your champion shopping skills at good ol’ Tarjay is right around the corner: the annual July 4th cookout. You’re hosting this year, and honestly the list of things you need to stock up on is a little daunting. While this superstore makes that simple leading up to the big event, you’re wondering is Target open on July 4th just in case something slips your mind until you’re already slinging burgers on the big day.

And there’s plenty at Target you should stock up on before the big event. In case you haven’t looked recently, their Market Pantry and Archer Farms lines of snacks, from trail mix to chips, are cookout essentials. If you’re looking to set out a snacking spread while you get the mains flaming on the grill, look no further. There are 14 flavors of Market Pantry chips to choose from, each at only $1.99, and the trail mixes come in flavors both sweet and savory, like Archer Farms Buffalo Ranch or Toasted Coconut.

We know how that goes, so we did the legwork for you. Here’s what you need to know if you want to make Target your got-to for last minute or midparty restocks.

is target open on july 4th snacks

So, is Target open on July 4th?

Is Target open on July 4th? Can you turn to this red beacon of budget-friendly snacks and party supplies if you have an emergency or need extras of something? Yes, Target stores will be on on July 4th. Before you head out, it’s always a good idea to check their locator tool to get the hour information on the specific store.

Did we mention they also have Wine Cubes that hold the equivalent of four bottles of wine — for just $18? (Note: The containers keep the wine perfectly fresh, so there’s no shame in having leftovers when all your guests are gone.)

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