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Is the Union Square Coffee Shop really closing?

Union Square Coffee Shop will official close fall 2018. Photo: Getty Images

The Union Square Coffee Shop isn’t necessarily known for good coffee, but yet it has been one of New York City’s most iconic and central spots to meet up, catch up and spot on hit television series and films. 

But the coffee shop/diner, located in Union Square West, is counting down the days until it pours its last cup. New Yorkers only have a few more weeks to get there and order up one last cup of Joe, as the cafe announced to its 150 employees Thursday that it’d be closing its doors at 101 E. 19th Street for good.

Union Square Coffee Shop co-owner Charles Milite told the Post that high rents were a factor in the decision to close after 28 years in business. 

“The times have changed in our industry,” he told The Post. “The rents are very high and now the minimum wage is going up and we have a huge number of employees.”

Union Square Coffee Shop to close in October 2018.

When is the Union Square Coffee Shop’s last day?

For nearly three decades, since 1990, the coffee shop has gained fame for its iconic vintage style COFFEE sign and reputation for being “open late” (really, what does that even mean in New York?), but the coffee shop’s neon will flicker to dark come October 2018. The last day the Union Square Coffee Shop will be open is October 11, 2018, Milite said. 

The coffee shop/diner offers Brazilian-American food along with coffee that earns it mixed customer reviews.

“This place was overall a hassle, and subpar. The portions weren’t great, and the food wasn’t particularly different and was quite bland, so there really is no justification for the unreasonable prices,” wrote tourist Yelper, Vaannila A. 

“The Coffee House is an average and forgettable brunch place near Union Square. If you’re desperate for diner food late at night, it’s not a terrible option, but it’s definitely not a spot you rave about the food quality or plan on coming to,” New Yorker Kevin C. yelped in June.

The New York City Health Department temporarily closed the coffee shop in 2007, citing sanitary violations. It opened days later with coffee shop fan Naomi Campbell, who was pregnant at the time, among the first to visit, the Post reported.

Nevertheless, the shop has maintained its fame thanks to being featured in the hit HBO series “Sex and the City” as well as the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” 


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