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Is there going to be a Creed 3? Dolph Lundgren weighs in

Creed 3

The highly anticipated sequel Creed II came out in theaters this week, but fans are still hungry for more. Audiences around the country are wondering if there is more in store for Adonis Creed after he fights Viktor Drago and whether or not the Creed saga will continue. Dolph Lundgren who plays Ivan Drago spoke about what he thinks the future will look like for Drago after his son takes on the Italian Stallion’s fighter. Is there going to be a Creed 3? 

Is there going to be a Creed 3? 

Rocky IV was an iconic movie; the legendary Apollo Creed was killed by the stone-cold Russian golden boy Ivan Drago during a fight that shocked viewers everywhere. Philly’s own hero Rocky Balboa couldn’t help but feel that it was his fault, the guilt and his allegiance to his friend led the Italian Stallion to venture to Russia, train in seclusion and challenge the infamous Drago to another fight in order to honor the late Creed. The film ended with Ivan Drago being defeated by Rocky Balboa, and of course, viewers got to witness what happened to the victorious Balboa in his next film Rocky V. But what happened to Drago?

Upon returning to Russia, the once-beloved fighting star was deemed an outcast.  He lost everything, his wife, his home, his money and his credibility. Drago harbored all of that loss and betrayal for years. Cue in Apollo’s son Adonis who was just crowned the heavyweight champion of the world. Soon after his victory, Ivan Drago challenges the young fighter to go up against his own son Viktor Drago. 

Creed 3

Drago’s redemption is the perfect story for Creed II, the long-lived rivalry was brought back to life, and the outcome of the film serves the story well. Although Ivan Drago is dubbed a villain, he is still extremely popular, so what about Creed 3? Is there still more in store for the infamously loved ‘bad guy’? “Wow yeah maybe there is something for Drago, maybe he can come back and get another shot at it,” says Lundgren. 

As for getting all of the glory back that Ivan Drago once had in his country, Lundgren claims that is not as important ” I like for him to stay kind of poor and living in a bad neighborhood, I think it suits him well.”

No official confirmation has been made for another addition to the Creed saga, but one can only hope there will be more in store for Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa, Viktor Drago and of course Ivan Drago himself.