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Is this beloved Game Of Thrones character coming back from the dead?

The Starks lined up

Game Of Thrones fans have been trying to spot Catelyn Stark’s zombified return as Lady Stoneheart ever since she was murdered at the Red Wedding all the way back in its third season.

Now that the show is in its seventh season, it’s increasingly unlikely that we’ll actually get to see the character. That hasn’t stopped fans from trying to point her out, though. Even the most innocuous of scenes can spark speculation. Just look at the show’s most recent episode, The Spoils Of War.

In it we not only had the emotional reunion of Arya (Maisie Williams) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), but Arya also came face to face with Brienne Of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), and the pair immediately sparred with each other in front of the watching eyes of the current Queen Of Winterfell.

But, if the latest Game Of Thrones rumor is to be believed, it wasn’t just Sansa that was watching over Arya and Brienne’s playful duel. That’s because eagle-eyed fans insist that they spotted Catelyn Stark in the background of the scene at the exact moment when Arya asks, “Didn’t you vow to serve both my mother’s daughters?” You can check out the evidence for yourself below.

For those of you that don’t know who Lady Stoneheart is, here’s a quick recap: In the books after Catelyn Stark is butchered at the Red Wedding she is thrown into a river, where she is found by the Brotherhood Without Banners. One of its members, Beric Dondarrion, resurrects her, but only as a mutilated corpse that can barely speak because of her slit throat. Lady Stoneheart then vows vengeance against those that murdered her family, in particular Jaime Lannister.

In all likelihood the above isn’t actually Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart. But we can dream. Instead, it’s almost certainly just a tip of the hat to the character, as the individual in the background undoubtedly looks like her. Considering how popular Lady Stoneheart is amongst Game Of Thrones die-hards, the slightest suggestion that she would return was always going to be leapt upon.

You can expect plenty more of these rumors to emerge over the show’s remaining 10 episodes, while its current season only has three more left.