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Is this BU Police video helpful or hilarious?

In the wake of two deadly rampage shootings in less than a month, the Boston University Police Department posted a video on its website giving advice on how to survive a shooting.

While the acting shines, what really comes through in this six-minute masterpiece is the message that you should RUN, HIDE and FIGHT.

And maybe it’s just Metro’s take, but aren’t you waiting for Andy Samberg to come bursting out of a cubicle somewhere? It’s like an SNL video short – we keep waiting for the punchline.

Also, the inconsolable biddy in the red sweater at the 3:52 mark might deserve a slap for blowing everyone’s cover… and an Oscar.

But all kidding aside, some of the tips make sense, so props to the City of Houston for producing it.

Police recommend first trying to escape, even when others insist on staying, and leaving all belongings inside.

“Remember what’s important – you – not your stuff,” says the narrator.

People are also encouraged to hide in a room or closet, lock doors, kill the lights and silence cell phone ringers.

Check out the video, which it posted on BUPD’s website today:

A spokesperson for the Boston University Police could not be reached for comment.

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