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Is This Is Us on Hulu?

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You’re getting to know the Pearson family more and more with each passing episode, but sometimes you still need to go back and rewatch episodes because, well, you missed some important dialogue while you were ugly crying over the emotional plot. That means you’re probably wondering, is This Is Us on Hulu?

We get it; we’ve been there. The hit NBC drama is a tear-jerker and shows so signs of pulling fewer emotional punches in the future. Season two is already making us run through entire boxes of tissues, and they haven’t even revealed how Jack died yet.

Luckily for fans, there are several ways to watch This Is Us online, but if you already have a Hulu subscription, it makes sense to check that streaming service as your first option.

So, is This Is Us on Hulu?

Get those tissues and eye drops ready, kids, because you can indeed watch This Is Us on Hulu. In fact, you’re getting the best possible answer to the question is This Is Us on Hulu that you possibly could because the streaming service has the entire first season and every released episode from the second season available.

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That means you can catch up, rewatch or have yourself a cathartic cry whenever and wherever you want — as long as you have a Hulu subscription. Or, you know, your roommate’s password.

There’s (obviously) a bit of a delay getting the latest episode, but the most recent mid-season premiere is already available on Hulu. So if some disaster strikes and you miss when This Is Us airs on NBC, rest assured knowing you can always catch up on This Is Us on Hulu — just be sure to stay away from spoilers all day Wednesday until you get a chance to stream the newest dramatic chapter.


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