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Is this the perfect method of calming a crying baby?


One of the many struggles parents face when raising a baby is learning how to calm that baby down when it’s crying for what appears to be no reason whatsoever.
Does it want food? Is its diaper full? Is it just crying because it’s a baby?
The issue of parents not knowing how to quiet a baby, and all the frustrations that come with it has even resulted in the what is known as “abusive head trauma” also known as “shaken baby syndrome.”
“Abusive head trauma results from injuries caused by someone (most often a parent or other caregiver) vigorously shaking a child or striking the child’s head against a surface,” KidsHealth.org wrote in an article on the subject. “In many cases, the caregiver cannot get the baby to stop crying and, out of frustration or anger, will shake the baby. Unfortunately, the shaking may have the desired effect: Although at first the baby cries more, he or she may stop crying as the brain is damaged.”
The CDC cites studies that put the rate of babies dying from abusive head trauma at about “20 to 30 cases per 100,000 children under 1 year of age.”
Now, a video released by Dr. Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician from California with over three decades of experience is teaching parents a calming technique he calls “The Hold” which “is very helpful in calming children and keeping them quiet.”
Take a look at the video below:

Dr. Hamilton’s technique boils down to four steps:
1) Folding the baby’s arms across the chest.
2) Securing the arms after they’re folded over the baby’s chest with the palm of your hand.
3) Grasping the diaper area, or the baby’s butt, with the palm of your other hand.
4) Gently rocking the baby and “shaking the booty” at a 45 degree angle.
Parents, what do you think of this method?
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