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Is this the way to Amarillo?


The Signs: Amarillo is an oddball place, but perhaps its King Oddball is Stanley Marsh, III — heir to an oil and gas fortune and madcap artist. He has erected scores of mock traffic signs with slogans like, “Road Does Not End.” Funny and strangely affecting.


A cowboy hat: They love horses in Amarillo, and there are many ranches you can visit to see, well, real ranchers. A cowboy hat, check shirt and denim is de rigueur.


At Sharky’s: Sharky’s Burrito Co. (1612 S. Georgia St.) is fast becoming legendary. Simply huge, delicious burritos for a few dollars. This is not to be missed.

Dos and don’ts

» Do: Visit Cadillac Ranch
Iconic piece of ’70s pop art, courtesy of that man Stanley Marsh again. Essentially 10 Cadillacs buried nose-down in the dirt in a field just outside of town. It’s very, very surreal. You can play on them, too!
» Do: Say anything …
… so long as it’s infused with Christian decency and Southern good manners. They take both very seriously.
» Don’t: Badmouth the Lord
Seriously. This is the buckle end of Bible Belt America and you mouth-off at your peril.
» Don’t: Say: “Do you have a vegan option?”
Meatpacking is Amarillo’s main employer, and the region supplies more than 25 percent of the nation’s meat. It is also home to the Amarillo Gun Club, a leading trap-shooting organization.

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