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Is Trump afraid of being assassinated by Putin Russia?

Is Trump afraid of being assassinated by Putin Russia

It has been whispered for years that Russian President Vladimir Putin holds incriminating materials over the head of United States President Donald Trump. It has never been confirmed if this is true or not but the whispers are growing louder. 

Jon Cooper, Chairman of the Democratic Coalition, was bold enough to tweet out the following this week.

“I can’t confirm this directly, but a knowledgeable friend of mine just told me a Russian oligarch and Putin own Trump,” Cooper wrote. “He owes them millions and has not paid. Trump is fearful of the pee tapes being released, does not want to lose Melania, and is afraid of being assassinated.”

Things are obviously heating up in the New Year when it comes to the Mueller investigation and U.S. – Russia relations in general. NBC News ran an op-ed this past week that speculated that former Marine Paul Whelan was simply a “pawn in a Russian spy swap attempt between Putin and Trump.”

“Count me among those who think Putin may be seeking to swap [Whelan] for Maria Butina, who has already pleaded guilty to infiltrating America’s conservative political movement as a Russian agent,” Ned Price wrote. “The Russians may calculate that Whelan, a military veteran who has said positive things about President Donald Trump on Russian social media, constitutes the perfect quo for their quid – both in their eyes and in Trump’s … That’s why we may see the Whelan case resolved in fairly short order with a swap for Butina. But what we know today suggests that such an outcome would equate a confessed Russian agent who has been afforded due process with an apparent American businessman detained and imprisoned without evidence (that we know of).”