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Is Walmart open on July 4th in case you run out of cookout supplies?

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You host the family cookouts every year, which means you’re no stranger to the pre-party and mid-party Walmart run. Not even the greatest grill master or host can anticipate everything, like your burger-loving crowd suddenly deciding they all want hot dogs, but that doesn’t matter when you have this master of convenience right down the road. But wait, is Walmart open on July 4th?

You know you’ve made the runs before, but you can’t remember if they were actually on July 4th or not. That’s where we come in. We did the legwork so you don’t have to wonder is Walmart open on July 4th as you drive over with your fingers crossed. Here’s everything you need to know about using the superstore as your go-to backup plan if you need anything from extra burger buns to American flag-patterned banners for your holiday cookout.

Just make sure you come armed with a list of everything you need since the wall-to-wall supplies can get distracting and you don’t want to end up either missing time with your guests or forgetting the key ingredient for your favorite potato salad.

Is Walmart open on July 4th?

Before you grab the keys and gun it over to the superstore (we kid, please keep to the speed limit), check their locator tool, which also shares hour information about your nearest store. Searching on this tool right before you head out will give you the most accurate information about the specific store you’re eyeing.

is walmart open on july 4th

In general, though, Walmart is indeed open on July 4th and the stores should stay open for their normal operating hours. The only holiday the store completely closes for is Christmas Day, with limited hours applying on only two holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. So once again you can confidently start your cookout knowing you can always run to Walmart for more beer or Solo cups.


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