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Is ‘White Tide’ being released on Netflix or in cinemas? Here’s what its director told us

Rodney Hyden in White Tide

White Tide: The Legend Of Culebra is one hell of a cinematic ride, one that is made all the more captivating because it actually happened.

The documentary tells the story of Rodney Hyden, a middle-aged small business owner from Central Florida who is left on the brink of bankruptcy by the Great Recession.

But Rodney stumbles on a way out of his financial ruin after he hears a story about $2 million of drugs being buried in the Caribbean over 20 years ago. The only problem is that it may or may not actually exist.

Desperate, Rodney risks it all to try and find the huge batch of drugs, even getting in contact with a smuggler and dealer so that he could potentially dispatch this mythical bundle.

“White Tide: The Legend Of Culebra” recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews, which immediately sparked excitement about when the documentary, which mixes elements of “Goodfella,” “Serial” and “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre” together to an intoxicating extent, will finally be with audiences.

Shortly after that screening of “White Tide” I sat down with director Theo Love to discuss the film, specifically asking when it will actually be released, and if it would be on Netflix.

“From the beginning this was a project that we wanted to have a very wide release. A lot of documentaries are very niche and are issue films that appeal to a small but passionate part of the population. But this is a very broad story, it is very universal themed.”

Unfortunately, back in April, Love didn’t have an immediate update for me regarding its release, though, explaining, “We have some interesting partners that are talking to us right now. And we are hoping to make an announcement very soon. I actually had to jump off a sales call to talk to you today.”

“There is a lot of business to be done. Independent film is a high-risk game. You make the film with no guarantee that you will get into a festival, let alone sell it or get distribution. The fact that Tribeca invited us with huge.”

Fingers crossed Love will provide an update in the very near future, because “White Tide: The Legend Of Culebra” deserves to be seen by as big an audience as possible.

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