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Is your junk a treasure?

Forget the trendy, modern décor — try having a gas pump in your kitchen. That’s how one Calgarian decks his place out.

“The house is decorated entirely with antiques,” said Gerry Frost, a collector for about 35 years. Thankfully, his wife enjoys it, too.
“There’s been many a divorce over things like that,” Frost said.

Frost enjoys the visual appeal of the pieces and the history behind them.

“I’ve got one Indian cooking pot that a friend of mine dug up in 20 pieces, it’s probably 800 to 1,100 years old,” Frost said.

“It’s kind of a good conversation piece.”

He’s even found some of his stuff at garage sales where people don’t know the value of the item.

But before getting rid of that “old junk” while spring cleaning, take it down to the Max Bell Arena this weekend to get it appraised for $10 an item.

Calgary’s first annual Spring Antique show also features items from collectors across Canada, including Frost, from jewelry to toys to furniture and everything in between.