‘It all starts with you’

A sculptor would never enter the workshop without the right tools, and neither should a determined online investor hoping to sculpt a financial future.

For people who want to take personal command of their investments, direct investing online can be both more challenging and more rewarding than traditional investing; RBC Direct Investing provides an unparalleled collection of tools to help you succeed.

One of the most crucial features of any powerful portfolio is the right mix of different asset types to ensure a healthy, diverse portfolio.

Jason Storsley, president and CEO of RBC Direct Investing, says the fundamental starting point for any investor is to figure out what type of asset mix is right for him or her.

“You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, so understanding what your asset mix should be is the starting point for any level of investor,” he said.

RBC’s asset mix calculator, available to RBC direct investors, takes the guesswork out of building an asset mix by taking into account each investor’s individual needs and suggesting a specific investment profile tailored to that investor. It all begins with gauging for yourself what your needs and limits are, to understand what kind of investor you will be.

“If you’re building a healthy portfolio that’s going to help you meet your investment objectives, it all starts with you — you have to understand something about yourself and your level of risk tolerance,” Storsley said.

Aggressive investors will likely keep less of their money in cash and bonds and more in equities, while passive investors will probably go the opposite route, for instance. No matter what your profile, however, RBC’s asset mix calculator will make expert-vetted suggestions to guide you on the right path for your needs.

Once you’ve chosen an asset mix, building your portfolio can feel like a daunting next step. With thousands of mutual funds in the market, you’ll need some expert advice to figure out which options work best for you — that’s where RBC’s model portfolios prove an invaluable resource.

RBC model portfolios are pre-selected by RBC experts and investment advisers to already provide a fully diversified, packaged portfolio for a variety of investment and investor types. Each portfolio includes a potential mix of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, equities and other elements carefully suited to a specific investment goal, taking the confusion out of trying to build a solid portfolio.

Each model portfolio is fully customizable as well so you can swap out any elements you like with your own well-researched choices if you wish — you’re not tied down to any specific part of a model portfolio and you remain in full control of any and all parts of your investment process.

“You can take our recommendation in full or in part — we won’t tell you what to do but we will put options in front of you,” Storsley said.

The RBC Direct Investing site includes a wealth of investment research pulled from top investment advice houses like Standard & Poor’s, Morningstar and RBC Capital Markets, making it easy to keep up with market changes and top investment strategies.

For more hands-off investors, RBC Direct Investing offers the option of setting up email alerts to notify you when things happen in the market. Perhaps you want to know when a particular stock drops to a certain price. You can also keep multiple watch lists for stocks with up to 30 stocks per list so you can be informed in a single click about what the segment of the market you’re interested in looks like.

“You don’t have to sign into the site every day as you can set it up to get an email when a specific event occurs. We have a lot of clients saying they don’t want to have to monitor things constantly and we try to make it as easy as possible for you to monitor your investments,” Storsley said.

With RBC Direct Investing, it’s all about taking the micro-management out of online investing by providing the tools to make successful investing possible.

“You don’t have to micro-manage your decisions to be successful because regardless of your investment knowledge, we’ve got the right tools for you,” Storsley said.

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