It’s ladies night as Sex and the City returns – Metro US

It’s ladies night as Sex and the City returns

Ladies are preparing to drink bars dry in celebration of the Fabulous Four’s return in style around Calgary this weekend.

The highly anticipated Sex and the City 2 movie was released to sold-out theatres yesterday.

The cult classic sequel has Calgarians of all demographics interested.

According to Joey’s Chinook manager Peter-Paul Van Besouw, the first SATC film made cosmos so popular, they ran out of cranberry juice when it showed. “We definitely learned our lesson,” he said. “We’ve doubled our liquor order until (interest) dies down.”

Local hair stylist and world-renowned drag queen Deva Dave Richards is an expert on the infamous SATC cocktail.

“I love my cosmo strong, pink, smooth and fluffy to the palette,” he said.

“The perfect balance of sweetness and I am giddy for hours.”

Beyond the surface level fun, SATC shows the importance of women friendships, said a local clinical therapist, name withheld for confidentiality purposes. “It’s a modern day take on traditional bonding,” she said.

“It’s about women being strong together instead of being in competition.”

The appeal of SATC is a mystery to many men.

“I don’t know anything about it,” said Adam Geml, marketing and public relations for Dobson’s Pub.

However, he does understands the hype.

“If the roles were reversed and it was a movie with a cult following among men, we would be just as excited.

“But we wouldn’t dress up.”