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It’s over to you, Calgary

This final week of the campaign has provided all kinds of drama, too. Naheed Nenshi collected endorsements from former mayoral candidates Kent Hehr and Wayne Stewart. Barb Higgins started the week off in similar style by welcoming Bob Hawkesworth’s support, but her week ended on a sour note after aggressive interviews on Citytv and X92.9 had the former broadcaster showing her frustration and a temper.

Ric McIver is rumoured to be looking for an endorsement from a current low-polling candidate of his own — very possibly Craig Burrows.

The drama doesn’t end there. Early this week, three different major polls showed Higgins, McIver and Nenshi as the only candidates who have a chance, and it might be a toss-up as to who will win. Then, late this week, we saw a potential “top 3” televised debate stopped dead, rumoured to have been quashed by one of the three refusing the offer.

In all, it’s been a crazy campaign that started earlier than ever before. And it will be a nail-biter right to the bitter end.

The only thing missing now is your vote. On Monday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. it’s over to you.

And no excuses this time! Have to work? By law, your employer has to give you three consecutive hours to vote within that time.

Out of town, or you’re incapacitated? Visit calgary.ca/election today and request a mail-in or “special” ballot.

Don’t know where to vote? You should have gotten a brochure in your mailbox telling you where your polling place is, but if you didn’t, visit that same website and type in your address.

It will tell you.

Don’t know who to vote for? Visit CalgaryPolitics.com or the websites of any Calgary media outlet — including Metro Calgary — and I guarantee you’ll find all the info you’ll need.

If you still think you might not vote, I’ll make you a deal you won’t see in any other newspaper: email me at HelpMeVote@djkelly.ca, tell me what neighbourhood you live in and what your No. 1 concern is, and this weekend I’ll do my best to give you information about the candidates in your area. I may not be able to respond to everyone, but I’ll try my best. How’s that for a deal?

We have it pretty easy here in Calgary. All we ask of Calgarians is to pay their taxes, and mark their ballot with an ‘X’ every three years. We all do the first one, and that’s the hard part.

Now’s the time to do the easy part. Vote on Monday.

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