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It’s time to bring your A-game: Luther Brown

Judges from So You Think You Can Dance Canada have recently been travelling coast to coast in search of Canada’s best dancers, and on Saturday it’s our turn to make an impression. Auditions for Season 4 wrap up at the Centre In Vancouver For Performing Arts starting at 9 a.m. Choreographer and SYTYCD Canada judge Luther Brown shares his advice for Vancouver hopefuls.

What are judges looking for on Saturday?
We’re looking for creative solos, all your personality, all your tricks, whatever it is that makes you special. This is the time to show it.

What’s a common mistake dancers make during auditions?
People come in with routines that have no personality. It looks like you just went to a dance class, learned a combo and went on stage. People vote for people who look like they’ve been doing it forever and have charisma.

What will set dancers apart during finals week?
It’s how they can adapt to all the different styles. (Finals week) is when you get thrown into boot camp and learn hip-hop, ballroom, jazz and contemporary. Take lessons in those (genres) because you need to familiarize yourself with them before Toronto.

What will set dancers apart during finals week?
Toronto has a lot of people who showboat. Montreal has a lot of artistic people, and then Calgary and Edmonton have a lot of well-trained dancers. It’s really cool. Then Vancouver has a mixture of all of it. There’s been some amazing people trying out (this season). I’m really excited.”

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