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It’s time to end Hack-a-Shaq

The NBA needs to tweak its rules in order to prevent teams from employing
the “Hack-a-Shaq” principle. In case you’re not familiar with the ploy,
teams will intentionally foul Shaq when he doesn’t have the ball so that the
Big Diesel will be forced to shoot free throws, which he struggles with,
instead of allowing his team a legitimate chance to score on its possession.

This isn’t sour grapes in the wake of a first-round loss for the Phoenix
and Victoria’s Steve Nash, this is about the NBA product itself. Though
it is well within the current rules, the Hack-a-Shaq principle compromises
the viewing enjoyment of the game. The same way the NBA gets bogged down
with excessive timeouts, Hack-a-Shaq causes the tempo of the game to

I suggest implementing a rule that gives a team the choice of shooting foul
shots or inbounding the ball with a fresh shot clock on fouls that occur on
players not handling the basketball. That way, a team with a poor free throw
shooter has the option of not giving that player the ball in situations
where deliberate fouls on specific players are taking place.

>> The B.C. Lions used their top two picks in the CFL draft to nab a couple
players they expect to factor in their future if not their present. Justin
Sorenson of Parksville, B.C., still has a year left at the University of South
, where the 6-foot-7, 309-pound offensive lineman is expected to start
at right tackle this season.

Rolly Lumbala also won’t be making the trip to B.C. right away since the
fullback from the University of Idaho has a chance to crack an NFL roster
after signing a contract with the Miami Dolphins.

Both selections indicate that Wally Buono believes he already has the talent
in place to win this year’s Grey Cup. There were players in the draft that
could have jumped into a CFL lineup right away, but none represented an
upgrade on the current roster, at least not in Buono’s mind.

>> Detroit‘s Johan Franzen is looking like the steal of this year’s playoff
pool. After tallying just four times in his previous 24 playoff appearances, the
man they call “Mule” has eight goals in nine games this post-season. In fact,
Franzen has been on fire for the past two months, scoring 23 goals in the 25
games he played over the course of March and April.

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