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Ivanka Trump is ‘fake,’ ‘so inauthentic’ claims author of Born Trump

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A biographer of the Trump family called Ivanka Trump “fake” and “so inauthentic” in her response to her father’s self-inflicted immigration crisis.

“Vanity Fair” reporter Emily Jane Fox made the comment at an event for her new book “Born Trump,” reports Newsweek

Ivanka Trump, a senior White House adviser who has styled herself as a champion of women, remained silent as more than 2,300 migrant children were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. After President Trump signed an extraneous executive order to reverse his own policy and allow future apprehended families to stay together, Ivanka tweeted her thanks.

But the already separated children are being held in shelters throughout the country. There is no plan in place to reunite them with their parents soon, if ever.

“It’s really easy for someone whose sole job in the White House is women and children to issue a statement,” said Fox during the event at a private club in New York City last week. “Even Melania did it. It just shows how fake Ivanka is. She’s crafted this whole image of herself that’s not actually her.”

Fox said the previous version of Ivanka Trump was less lacquered. “The real her is cooler, slightly more interesting, funnier,” she said. “She curses like a sailor. She partied a lot when she was younger. She flashed a hot dog vendor when she was in eighth grade. She chain-smoked. Which is so opposite of the image she put out there.”

Fox added: “What you’re seeing now is the unmasking. She can’t control the narrative anymore because she’s so inauthentic. It has really come back to bite her.”

The author is not the only Washington observer to find Ivanka Trump vacuous in her role. In late April, outgoing Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards implored Ivanka to “show up” for women. “My criticism of her isn’t as a daughter of the president—it’s that if you’re supposedly in charge of advancing women’s situations in this country, then show up,” said Richards. “And for God’s sake, you can’t be trading away women’s rights.”

“Born Trump” has raised eyebrows for its revelations about the complicated relationship between President Trump and his daughter. Fox reports that President Trump suggested Ivanka get breast implants when she was 15 years old, and that after her parents divorced, she asked her mother if she would still be able to use the Trump name.

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