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Jackie Tran deported back to Vietnam

Alleged Calgary gangster Jackie Tran was believed to be on his way back to Vietnam last night after years of fighting to stay in Canada.

Tran, 27, arrived inside the Calgary International Airport with a luggage rack containing a couple of suitcases and he was ushered into a private security area at the airport.

Canada Border Services wouldn’t confirm the deportation due to policy.

“We can’t talk about deportation for privacy reasons and the safety and security of our officers.

Once a person is in the country they are deported to, we would release the information then,” spokesperson Lisa White said.

Late last night, CBC News Online was reporting confirmation from Tran’s lawyer, Raj Sharma, that his client had been deported.

Tran has been fighting the deportation order since 2004, with Sharma appealing on “compassionate grounds” several times, most recently in January. The Federal Court of Canada refused to intervene with the deportation order.

Police allege Tran had ties to a notorious Calgary gang responsible for several high-profile murders and drug crimes. Tran came to Canada from Vietnam as a child in 1993.

Calgarians were buzzing with news of the deportation on social media sites, and the comments reflected a common theme: “It’s about time.”

“I can’t believe we wasted this much time and money to get this person out of the country, but I’m glad he is finally gone,” Matthew Gibson said.

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