James Corden thinks adult ‘Avengers’ fans need to grow up

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

James Corden won’t be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon, thank you very much. The “Into the Woods” staris one busy man these days. While he already has a thriving film, television and theater career — and a young family at home — he’s also taking over for Craig Ferguson at “The Late Late Show” next year. So he obviously doesn’t have time to consider a role in one of Marvel’s big superhero movies. Which is fine, since he wouldn’t want one anyway. “I don’t think I’m talking myself out of a big Marvel franchise. I don’t think it’s coming anytime round the corner, but I do find that whole notion of it odd,” he tells Metro. “I just think, how much of your day are you acting? How much are you getting to act? Like, really, genuinely? If you’re an actor and you’re in those movies, what is your day’s acting? I find it strange.”

Also, for any grownup fans of Marvel movies, Corden thinks you need to grow up. “I spend almost no time thinking about ‘The Avengers.’ I literally could not spend less of my day thinking about it, and I’m constantly amazed by the volume of adults who do,” he says. “Each to their own, and I wish them well, but I mean, it’s preposterous.”

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