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James Harden – Moses Malone Jr attack, robbery update

James Harden, Moses Malone, robbery, attack, update

The attorney for Houston Rockets star James Harden, Rusty Hardin (no relation), said this week that the allegations made by Moses Malone Jr. that Harden orchestrated a June 2016 attack on Malone are “based on nothing … with absolutely no evidence.”

“I can tell you this: James flat-out denies having anything to do with whatever happened to Moses,” Hardin said, via The Houston Chronicle. “I’ve seen no evidence to support the fact he had anything to do with it … The only thing I can conclude is both this club that [Malone] originally sued and the people he says beat him up have no money, so now we just added a wealthy ballplayer to search for deep pockets.”

Malone believes that Harden paid $20,000 to carry out the attack at the V Live Houston club.

Harden was reportedly very upset that Malone wrote on Facebook, the day before the attack, that Harden’s basketball camp was unaffordable for inner-city youth.

“All the stories that we’ve heard from all the witnesses were pretty consistent that James Harden was pretty upset about the Facebook post that was posted the night before the attack,” Malone Jr.’s attorney George Farah told ESPN. “There were text messages between Moses and some of James Harden’s friends. We have a good trail of evidence that leads to James Harden’s involvement in this.”

Harden is bringing his Woodlands, Texas camp back for 2017 and he hasn’t dropped the price tag. The camp is still $249 and doesn’t even run a full week. In fact, the camp runs just two days and campers are only there for three hours each day.

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