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James O’Keefe’s Occupy Wall Street video fails to shock

James O’Keefe, the conservative rabble rouser most famous for his video recordings of workers at ACORN offices, has attempted to stir up trouble again, this time at Occupy Wall Street.

In the video clip from his Project Veritas organization, filmed earlier this week, O’Keefe hits up Zucotti park in a suit and tie, pretending he is “a banker on Wall Street.” From there, as O’Keefe is wont to do, he basically cherry-picks some of most oddball protesters into saying stupid things.

One protester offers him cake and confesses that, “I don’t have a f-cking idea” when he asks her what the protests are about. And then there are filmed conversations with two obviously eccentric protesters, one of whom wants O’Keefe to invest in his “corporations,” that “fund agencies that are building Constitutional World Federation.”

The second man rambles on about a union that may or may not be owned by a bank who is funneling money into the protests. Then O’Keefe wanders around and smells pot and asks to smoke it.

All together, it’s safe to say the video is far from hard-hitting. Anyone looking would be more than likely to meet the same types of weirdos anywhere in New York City, or at a Tea Party rally for that matter. (OK, except for the pot.)

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Is it another genius take-down by O’Keefe, or a just pathetic attempt at staying in the public eye?

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