James Ransone talks ‘It: Chapter 2,’ meeting Stephen King and reveals why he was destined to play adult Eddie Kaspbrak

James Ransone talks It

James Ransone has opened up about starring in and shooting It: Chapter 2, revealing that he recently had the chance to meet legendary author Stephen King, who subsequently blew him away. 

“We got to meet Stephen King yesterday,” Ransone recently told me over the phone. “He came for a set visit. It was so awesome.”

“Talking to him you realize that the people who are the best at what they do are always the most open and interested and curious and unique weirdos.”

“It is always the mediocre people that are a pain in the ass. He was so cool. He was just so open and down to talk about whatever.”

I also used this opportunity to ask Ransone whether he’d had the chance to speak to Jack Dylan Grazer, who played the younger version of Eddie Kaspbrak in the hugely successful 2017 horror blockbuster, which then led the actor to reveal why he was always destined for the part. 

“A little bit. I am probably gonna blow up our spot, but we were gonna reshoot that Spider-Man meme. Where they were pointing at each other. But I don’t know if we will have enough time.”

“We haven’t had that much time talking to those kids. Jack is so busy. He’s doing ‘Shazam.’ I met them for a set visit and then we text once in a while.”

“I do know that him and my brother work out at the same gym in the Palisades, which is really weird. My brother actually said when he saw the movie that I would play him. Because he recognized that we look exactly like.”

But, unfortunately, when it comes to Bill Skarsgard’s performance as Pennywise, Ransone remained tightlipped. Primarily because he hasn’t shot any scenes with him yet. 

“Honestly, I have not filmed anything with Bill. I don’t know anything about Pennywise. I haven’t seen him around. The mystique on set for this is just as real for us as it is for the audience. Genuinely.”

All of that mystery will finally be revealed when “It: Chapter 2” is released on September 6, 2019, while make sure to watch Ransone in “The First,” which premieres on Hulu on September 14 of this year. 

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