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JAMN 94.5 Boston, the Patriots and the pink hat culture

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The Patriots’ popularity in New England has easily reached the level the Red Sox attained in the mid-2000s. Anyone and everyone has an opinion on the Pats in and around Boston.

The mainstream popularity mostly makes things fun, but it can also get annoying for longtime Pats fans. An example of the current pink hat Patriots culture is JAMN 94.5 FM trying to be 98.5 or WEEI when not playing “Despacito” for the 223rd time that day.

On Tuesday, a host was talking about Julian Edelman and Stephon Gilmore getting into a scuffle during a training camp practice. He said, “Edelman got in a fight with our new running back, Gilmore.” (Of course, Gilmore is a cornerback.)

Last week, JAMN was asking listeners to call in and talk about the best sporting event they’d ever attended. Some dude called in and said the Colts – Patriots AFC title game (aka the Deflategate game) from two years ago (it was a boring game, BTW).

The host responded by saying, “Hey man, any time you can stick it to Peyton Manning, it’s a good day!”

Of course, Manning was the QB of the Broncos at that time and hadn’t played for the Colts in four years.

Not saying everybody around here has to be a sports genius, but if you’re going to insist on talking sports in Boston – don’t be a pink hat.

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