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Jen Selter: Our 10 favorite tweets

Jen Selter, inventor of the “belfie,” also known as the butt selfie, has graced the pages of Vanity Fair and the New York Post, thanks to her round derriere. She also has more than 380,000 followers on Twitter, where she dispenses wisdom every few hours. Here’s what we know about Selter from her Twitter feed: She hates negativity; doesn’t trust many people; and loves music, working out and yoga pants — and informing her followers when it’s a beautiful day in New York. Here are 10 of our favorite tweets from Selter:


selter squat Credit: YouTube

Really? So that person who gave us a copy of “The Watchtower” is not our friend? Oh, darn. Selter, giving us real talk.


jen selter before after Jen Selter posted a before and after photo of her booty to Instagram.
Credit: Instagram / Jen Selter

Judging from the before and after photo she posted on Instagram, we have to give this one to Jen. We’re not sure if we believe her booty just comes from working out though — ever heard of good genes?


jen selter Credit: YouTube / Barcroft Media

Not so fast, Miss Selter! Is love really harder to find in the 21st century? We think any of these men would be happy to date you.


jen selter selfie Credit: YouTube

“I love a boy’s sleepy voice”? Like, a little boy waking up? A boy you are dating? Are you hiding under a boy’s bed listening to his voice? This tweet is cryptic, creepy and classic Selter.


jen selter people Jen Selter was featured in a People Magazine article on teenage plastic surgery.
Credit: People Magazine

We know who you’re talking to, Jen. You see, Selter was bullied in high school for having a big schnoz, as reported by People magazine. Selter got a nose job and did some squats and later became the belfie queen of the world. Haters, back off.


jen selter Credit: YouTube

Music may be life, but what about water and oxygen? Let it be known that someone responded, “Your a— is life.”


selter jump She’s a funny one.
Credit: YouTube

Do you see what she did there? “Wig”? “Hair” in food? Selter is a secret pun master.


seltering This is “Seltering.”
Credit: Instagram / Jen Selter

Well, this tweet got 373 retweets and 577 favorites, so it’s safe to say you are not getting ignored, Jen Selter.


selter belfie Credit: Instagram / Jen Selter

But what about belfies, Jen? How many failed belfies must we take to get one good one? Honestly, this is actually kind of a nice tweet — she’s letting her fans know that not even her selfies are all flawless.


jen selter Credit: YouTube

Does this mean we need to stop looking at Selter’s Twitter feed for reference every time we have a question? We’ll check her feed for workout tips and lessons on positivity.

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