The Good Wife

During the Super Bowl, CBS whimsically announced there are only nine episodes of "Jeff Neumann, CBS

If you guys read this column, you know I’m a geek. I watch geek TV, movies, read comic books and play video games. There aren’t a lot of non-geek things that grab my attention. I mean, there’s “Downton Abbey,” but enough geek sites cover it that I don’t feel like it’s too outside of my realm. The one thing I watch that really surprises everyone is “The Good Wife.”

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I’ve loved Julianna Margulies since she played Morgana in “The Mists of Avalon.” (It wasn’t a great miniseries, but she was wonderful.) The first commercials for "The Good Wife" didn’t exactly grab me — a drama about the wife of a sleazy politician isn’t exactly something I care about. Then one day I was stuck home sick and there was nothing else on. My Xbox wasn’t working, there were no “Big Bang Theory” reruns, and I landed on “The Good Wife.”

I was riveted. I couldn’t look away. The twists and turns, the incredible chemistry between the cast members; I didn’t even know that Margulies and Archie Panjabi were reportedly feuding. They later filmed their final scene separately and had it digitally combined. It certainly didn’t feel that way. The performances were just mind-blowing. No one in my circle of geek friends believed I was watching it, but I was there every single Sunday. Even the guest stars were amazing — I’m looking at you, Michael J. Fox (who appeared enough to be more of a series regular) and Carrie Preston. I can’t stand legal dramas, and I still watched.


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After years of incredible work, it was announced during the Super Bowl that “The Good Wife” was ending this season and that there were only nine episodes left. I mean, there were rumors, but it was a gut punch. Especially after adding the incredible Cush Jumbo as Alicia’s new law partner Lucca Quinn, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jason Crouse, the investigator/hot guy that Alicia is into. Smooches and friend love and… I’m not getting over this for a while.

If you haven’t watched yet, you owe it to yourself to start streaming now. Bye, Alicia.

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