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Jennifer Scott on how to be chic at home

Jennifer Scott Credit: Kevin McIntyre Jennifer Scott
Credit: Kevin McIntyre

For most of us, the thought of conquering the dishes or tackling loads of laundry elicits eye rolls, sighs and groans. We’re too busy during the week, and, well, are having too much fun on the weekend. We allow the piles of greasy dishes and stained shirts to grow exponentially until we have no choice — basically we’re out of dishes or clean underwear.

Jennifer Scott, the bestselling author of “Lessons From Madame Chic,” a book that shares stylish secrets on how to live like a fabulous Parisian, is now releasing a new book, “At Home with Madame Chic.” In it she focuses on bringing passion back into those pout-provoking chores.

“Doing the small things that we have to do throughout the day, like tidying up the kitchen after breakfast, putting away the dishes and folding the laundry, makes our house more of a home,” says Scott. “It’s kind of an old-fashioned pastime, homemaking but I think it’s something that everyone can do.”

So how could we possibly ever feel elegant while cleaning the toilet?

Scott shares some tips to help you dominate domestic life:

Until your dream house
Appreciate the home you have, says Scott. “A lot of people think, ‘Oh, when I move to this house or this city I’ll be happy.’” You have to live well in the home you have right now.”

Create a pump-up playlist
“True chic is an inner state of being and maintaining inner peace throughout your day, no matter what you’re doing,” says Scott. “Instead of bemoaning the task in your head, get excited about it and do what you can to make it something you look forward to everyday.” How can you get yourself amped up? Scott recommends playing your favorite music, listening to a book on tape or even simply meditating while doing these domestic duties.

Manage mess
“Clutter is so not chic,” Scott says. De-cluttering your home is essential because it makes your life a lot easier. For many of us, mornings are a mad-rush out the door. By the time we pick our outfit, put our faces on and throw what we need into our purses we barely have time for a couple bites of toast. Want to start your day in a non-hectic way? Scott says to take care of a few simple things the night before, like cleaning the kitchen and prepping for breakfast. “It saves time and alleviates the stress of constantly feeling like you’re going to be late.”

Stay away from the sweatpants
Dress to impress even at home- trade in that ratty T-shirt for a fancy top. “A lot of people don’t like to wear their nice clothes at home because they are worried they are going to ruin them,” says Scott. Naturally we don’t want to have to do one more piece of laundry. According to Scott, the solution is a layer away. “Just put an apron on over your dress while doing the dishes.”

Jennifer Scott's book cover Jennifer Scott’s book cover

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