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Jenny Slate calls Donald Trump and Fox News liars

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate can’t stand reminders of being fired from “Saturday Night Live” back in 2009 over her accidental f-bomb. But now, she’s using it to make a point about President Trump, whom she has probably used far nastier words to describe.

During a recent chat with the New York Times about her film “Landline,” the Milton-born comedian and actress made sure to interject some political commentary.

“What’s on Fox News or coming from the Trump administration are outright lies that we either have to casually accept or accept with a side-eye snarky attitude,” Slate told the Times.

Slate is expounding on her comments where she points out the inanity of people remembering her faux pas but not focusing on what are, in her opinion, truly offensive statements from the White House and conservative media platforms.

“My behavior, almost a decade ago, was the behavior of a young, fun woman who got carried away in the middle of the night,” said Slate. She then goes on to call out Republican men supporting the GOP healthcare plan, which will reportedly abandon millions of Americans enrolled under Obamacare. Slate explains, “That’s behavior that’s coming from people who feel small, who are in pain and who are obsessed with power.”

This is certainly not the first time Slate has publicly disapproved of the president and his family. In an interview last month with The Guardian, she warned “everybody should be speaking out because what’s going on is terrifying and despicable,” and said Ivanka Trump was a dilettante feminist. “I’m ashamed of her. I think she’s really gross and her husband [Jared Kushner] as well,” she added.

Twitter users can also keep up with Slate and her opinions on the president live, as she tweeted “bye bye boo” a few days ago in reference to Donald Trump Jr. hiring a lawyer in response to recent allegations on his connections to a Russian probe.

Her “Gifted” co-star Chris Evans is also known to air his grievances against Trump on Twitter, saying the president “disgusts him” and has played a clear role in a national “unapologetic spread of ignorance and hate.” Sadly, a shared repugnance for Trump still couldn’t keep this Boston-bred couple together as they ended their short-lived relationship earlier this year.



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