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Jerry Seinfeld just doesn’t want to hug Kesha, OK?

Kesha Jerry Seinfeld Awkward Meeting

Hugs are weird. They are nice and pleasant for sure — they can work wonders! — but an embrace is literally just bumping your body into someone else’s body on purpose and then just holding it there for an undetermined amount of time. Jerry Seinfeld obviously agrees with this interpretation, because he rebuffed Kesha’s attempt at a hug so awkwardly that it is now hot news.

Seinfeld, a 63-year-old man who voiced a bee in the imaginatively titled “Bee Movie,” is apparently an avid fan of personal space. At the red carpet before the National Night of Laughter and Song at the Kennedy Center, he served Kesha a steaming hot plate of, “Girl, bye” when she tried to intrude.

Kesha, 30, confessed she was a huge fan of his and then she asked for a hug. “No thanks,” Seinfeld said.

“Please?” pleaded Kesha. Come on — if anyone deserves a break, it’s Kesha.

“No thanks,” he repeated, cooly. “Cool your jets, random lady!” is what he was probably thinking in his head. I mean, I don’t know.

“A little one?” Kesha asked, approaching tenatively. 

“Yeah, no thanks,” Seinfeld said, backing away from her like she’s the dang Bubonic plague. 

After breaking Kesha’s heart, Seinfeld confessed to Tommy McFly that he didn’t even know who that was. Yes, he pulled an “I don’t know her,” straight out of Mariah Carey’s book of shade.

“That was Kesha,” the man named McFly told him.

“OK, well, I wish her the best.” Okay, but do you Seinfeld?

I mean, Kesha has really been through it. She’s been in a long, never ending battle with Sony and Dr. Luke over her contract — and claims of abusive behavior.

So yeah, if anybody sees Kesha, feel free to don a mask fashioned in the style of ol’ Jerry and give her a warm, tender embrace. She needs it!


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