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Jesse Cohen of Tanlines shares his worst roommate story

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We all put up with a lot to live in New York, from too-high walkups, exorbitant apartment fees and living with Craigslist’s finest. Jesse Cohen, who makes up half of electro duo Tanlines is no exception. He’s been living in Brooklyn for 12 years and while he’s pretty content with his living situation now, it wasn’t always that way:

“My second apartment was where near where the Wythe Hotel is now, but it wasn’t there at the time. I had a pretty bad roommate. It lived with three other people in a loft and she had stolen one of my other roommate’s art and sold it as her own. I just had to get out of there. Then, I moved to an apartment across from the BQE. I could never open my windows because I was right above the off-ramp. But it was $600 a month and a good [space], so I stayed there for three or four years.”

We hear you, man. But Cohen has nothing but love for his borough. Here, he shares with us a few of his favorite local spots:

1. Speedy Romeo: “This is a pizza place in my neighborhood that I love.”

2. Glady’s: “I have to give it up to this new restaurant in Crown Heights. I really love this place.”

3. Greene Grape Annex: “One of my favorite coffee spots is Annex in Fort Greene. I go there a lot.”

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