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Jessica Elsbrie


Jessica Elsbrie before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.

What’s your first impression of Jessica Elsbrie? If you said Pippi Longstocking, you would be right in line with our jury. They focused in on the braids, the girly clothes, and the tattoos. One juror declared, “She looks like a jigsaw puzzle but the pieces don’t fit.” Another thing they noticed was a disconnect between her lively look and her timid personality.

The timidity and a sense of sadness are a direct result of a recent skydiving accident. Her parachute opened, but it was blown off course. She touched down in a parking lot and was smashed against a tractor trailer, breaking her teeth, and fracturing her pelvis.

Her recovery was slow, and she still walks with a cane. But now on the verge of turning 30, this mother of two needed some help to get her life back on track.

The first stop on her makeover was to see psychotherapist Lori Dennis (www.talktherapy.ca). She helped Jessica to forgive herself for going skydiving.

Jessica’s girly wardrobe was another challenge. So stylist David Clemmer took her shopping at Cherchez la Femme (www.cherchezlafemme.ca), which carries original fashions from up-and-coming European designers. He got her out of her kiddy clothes and into outfits that were sexy, confident, sophisticated, and luckily available in her size.

Next stop for Jessica was the dentist, who repaired her damaged teeth with 12 gorgeous Pro-Art veneers plus a dental bridge. After that, Jessica headed to JC Salons (www.jcsalons.com), where stylist Johnny Cupello balanced out her colours and gave her a layered cut. Then off to the Herzig Eye Institute where she got rid of her glasses. Finally, it was off to see makeup artist Korby Banner, who zeroed right in on her best feature: her eyes.

Jessica was looking gorgeous, on the outside. But what about her regrets about being an irresponsible mother? Dennis gave her a challenge: Jessica had to write placards with positive affirmations about herself, carry them up a hill, and stake them into the ground as she went. It was a difficult task, especially for someone who walks with a cane.

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