JetBlue is offering cheap flight tickets for as low as $34 – Metro US

JetBlue is offering cheap flight tickets for as low as $34

JetBlue cheap flight tickets sale

If you’re looking to book last minute cheap flight tickets, there’s still time left to score a cheap flight travel deal with Jet Blue’s special fall preview flash sale, with some flight deals costing less than a bus or train ticket.

JetBlue launched a two-day special flash sale Tuesday and if you missed it there’s still time to book a cheap flight for a quick getaway.

The airline is offing some of the lowest ticket prices of the season with select one-way tickets to specific destinations for as low as $34 starting Tuesday, August 7, through Wednesday, August 8, at 11:59 p.m. EST. This means if you’re interested in a quick getaway to Portland from New York, you could book a one-way flight for $49, according to the JetBlue Fall Runway Preview Sale event.

Although the cheapest flight tickets were from New York to Worcester, MA, that deal could come in handy if you wanted to save money on a trip to Boston. You could fly to Worcester then use the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Commuter Rail service to bring you into Boston. Depending on transportation schedules, there’s a possibility you can still save some cash on your trip. If you want to fly directly to Boston from New York, you can book a flight for as low as $54.

If you have friends or family in Florida and they’re interested in visiting the Big Apple, there are one-way cheap flight tickets available for as low as $79 one way. 

Cheap flight tickets with JetBlue's special Fall Runway Preview Sale

Cheap flight tickets for JetBlue Fall Runway Preview Sale event

While there are several reasonable and cheap flight tickets available during JetBlue’s flash sale event, there are some things you need to know.

According to JetBlue, to land the cheap flight ticket deal, you must book a flight by Wednesday, August 8, at 11:59 p.m. EST or your local time zone. If you book a flight during JetBlue’s flash sale, you can only travel between September 3 and November 7. JetBlue notes the deals are not available for flights between September 10 and September 12, September 18 and October 8.

The JetBlue cheap flight tickets sale is listed as part of its “Blue” fare tier, which allows passengers one free carry-on bag and personal item.  If you bringing a checked bag, you’ll have to pay $25 more.

Although there are strict rules for JetBlue’s special deal and there’s a limited amount of places you can travel to with the Fall Runway Preview Sale, it still beats paying full price for a plane ticket. And if you can plan your trip around these special promotions, you can save yourself some money on your next vacation or weekend getaway.