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Jets’ Brandon Marshall comes to defense of Giants’ Beckham on emotions, losing cool

Odell Beckham Jr., and Josh Norman are the bitterest of NFC East rivals now.
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Count New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Odell Beckham’s side after the New York Giants All-Pro threw a sideline tantrum on Sunday during his team’s Week 3 loss.

Beckham was spotted by television cameras throwing his helmet around after a frustrating series, his anger resulting in the kicking net on the sidelines that hit him across the face. The outburst quickly became the stuff of internet memes and even Giants head coach Ben McAdoo spoke on Monday about controlling emotions.

On this week’s ‘Inside the NFL’ on Showtime, the Jets standout wide receiver – who is a panelist on the show – came to the defense of Beckham. In fact, he praised his crosstown rival.

“This is what people don’t understand. I love this conversation. And the reason why I love this conversation is because I am that. That’s what I have to control every single Sunday—not even on Sunday, but in practice. What I see is a guy who loves football. What I see is a guy who is passionate. What I see is a guy who hates losing. What I see is a guy who would run through a brick wall for his teammates,” Marshall said on the show. “But, what I see is a guy who needs to learn how to control his emotions, because that is what I deal with every single Sunday… I have this app called Lucid—it takes four-to-five minutes and is like mental practices and it’s also meditation… If I don’t do that, I’m going to be like that.”

Beckham showed some frustration for sure, in Sunday’s much-scrutinized, highly-publicized rematch with Josh Norman. It was last year that Norman, then with the Carolina Panthers and Beckham turned their late-season match-up into a brawl.

This go-around the sparks were far less-heated and Beckham still finished with double-digit receptions and topped 100-receiving yards, even as his Giants came out on the wrong side of a 29-27 score line.

Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL analyst Michael Irvin also didn’t see any reason to single out Beckham for his emotions or his antics.

“I don’t have an issue with what I saw Odell do on the sideline. That tells me how much that game mattered to him,” Irvin said on ‘Inside the NFL.’

“Yes, he has a personal battle within that game, but I’m sure he wanted to win that game—and that games was the best game he had played. I thought he did control his emotion. Early on in that game, Josh Norman carried him to the sidelines and dropped him. Last year, that is what started the melee. Everybody keeps forgetting, Josh Norman doing the WWF stuff…[Beckham] looked at the ref, the ref didn’t do anything. He went back and played football.”

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