Jets’ Bryce Petty ends Pizzagate debacle – Metro US

Jets’ Bryce Petty ends Pizzagate debacle

Jets’ Bryce Petty ends Pizzagate debacle
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He won’t go so far as to say it was a little slice of heaven but the rookie mistake of New York Jets quarterback Bryce Petty has now been rectified. He’s finally had pizza from the epicenter of the food.

Cross off Bryce Petty’s bucket list a slice of Jersey pizza, the rookie partaking of the delicacy a couple weeks ago and loving it. There was original cause for concern when Petty, during preseason, tweeted about Domino’s pizza. In the New York metropolitan area, that’s tantamount to criticizing the Pope in the Vatican; you simply don’t crave chain pizza when you’re in Jersey. You just don’t.

He says he’s still getting tweets about ‘Pizzagate’, even two months removed the whole, terrible controversy. Fans are overwhelming his mentions with suggestions for places to grab a slice.

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A couple weeks ago, Petty went to Nonna’s Pizza in Florham Park, just a few minutes from the Jets facility. In July, Nonna’s was a pick of Metro for fans traveling to the team facility for training camp to get some food. There is routinely a line out the door of the place come dinner time and it is a favorite among players in the locker room.

“I had a pepperoni slice,” Petty told Metro in an exclusive interview on this bold subject. “Just one.”

Petty said it was a great slice and while he wouldn’t take a jab at Domino’s, the pizza he grew up eating, a bite of Nonna’s and Jersey pizza won him over.

“I understand what the fuss is about. It was really good,” Petty said. “You can see the care they put into it. People here are crazy for their pizza, I understand it. I’m passionate about my food too. It was good to finally have a slice from around here though. I enjoyed it. I’ll be going back.”

Nonna’s has a four-star ranking on both Yelp and Foursquare.