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Jets fan buys FireMikeMaccagnan.com domain name to ‘keep it from being used’

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The people behind FireJohnIdzik.com got their wish when John Idzik, the second-year general manager of the New York Jets, got fired at the end of the season. But the man who bought the domain name of FireMikeMaccagnan.com has purchased it to make sure that there aren’t similar protests this time around.

Meet Jim Brady of Great Falls, Virginia, a journalist and an avid fan of the Jets. He bought the FireMikeMaccagnan.com domain on the night that the Jets announced the hiring of their new general manager, brought in from the Houston Texans where he was their Director of College Scouting.

His rationale is that he “didn’t buy it to use it, I bought it more to keep it from being used.”

The FireJohnIdzik.com website spawned a movement that made national headlines, a story that was first broken by Metro last fall. Donations gathered on the website led to billboards purchased that protested Idzik’s two years with the team and what this group saw as severe deficiencies in his tenure, namely his inability to get a decent haul from two drafts as well as failures in free agency.

They also inspired two planes flying over the facility with similar messages asking for Idzik to be fired, along with flights before a Jets home game as well as a “Penalty Towel” rally to raise support against Idzik. In fact, the website raised so much money that they donated the entirety of their excess funds to charity.

Brady doesn’t count himself as an Idzik apologist, but he doesn’t want to see similar movements take hold.

“I wasn’t so much a defender of Idzik as I felt like he got too much of the blame, and Rex [Ryan] not enough. I was fine with both being let go,” Brady told Metro. “I guess I just felt like all the stuff about the billboard and flying banners over practice was a bit much. I mean, there are plenty of other URLs someone could buy instead, so this doesn’t amount to much.”

This was the only domain name that Brady has purchased, leaving FireMikeMaccagnan.org and FireMikeMaccagnan.nyc available as well as numerous other permutations, per GoDaddy.com.

For those interested. BlazeMikeMaccagnan.com is available on GoDaddy for just $2.99. That domain has endless possibilities.

Though he lives in Virginia, Brady is a lifelong Jets fan and he still watches his team on television via the NFL Sunday Ticket with his father. He doesn’t have anything against the protesters, even if he wasn’t necessarily on board with the last movement.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If people want to start these movements and sites, why not?” Brady said. “And if I can grab the domain to keep it from being used, why not? All part of the domain game, I guess.”

Speaking of which, FireToddBowles.com was purchased on Jan. 9 by 1and1.com. The site is a domain name and webhosting site.

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