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Jets fan spoofs popular Giants, NFL commercial

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Fans of the New York Jets got a bit upset when a commercial rolled out this year for NFL Shop that seemed to make fun of their team. In the commercial, a teenager is sitting on the sofa watching the Jets, presumably with his family. Everyone is decked out in Jets gear and when the doorbell rings, the teenager races to the door, grabs the package and races to his room.

A room which is adorned with nothing but Jets.

Yet inside the package, the young fan reveals his true identity and passion as the box reveals an Odell Beckham jersey in crisp New York Giants blue.

All of which led Jets fan, Louie Gonzalez, to make his own spoof video last week, ripping into the idea that a Jets fan would secretly bleed Giants blue. Using his own family, Gonzalez came up with a way to take a shot at the idea that a Jets fan would do such a thing while reminding the NFL of his team’s own solid start to the year (the Jets lost to the New England Patriots in Week 6 and now are 3-3 on the year):

Note: This video was shot before the Giants won their first game of the season on Sunday night to lift their record to 1-5.


For those who don’t know the story of the aforementioned Gonzalez, his story is quite inspiring: https://www.metro.us/kristian-dyer/once-considered-legally-dead-jets-fan-louie-gonzalez-makes-miraculous-recovery/zsJode—J5adrJv11rzy2 

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