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Jets fans burn Tom Brady in effigy (Video)

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Jets fans burn a Tom Brady dummy prior to Sunday's game. Twitter

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It’s not enough for New York Jets fans to burn Tom Brady’s jersey during a tailgate party, no no..that is so 2007. Instead, to burn his likeness while he is wearing his jersey…that is vintage 2017.


Jets fans prior to Sunday’s meeting between their team and Brady’s New England Patriots went above and beyond, burning a full-fledged effigy of Brady. Forgive Jets fans for their enthusiasm prior to Sunday’s loss. Their team came into the game at 3-2, tied for first in the AFC East.

And while that isn’t gaudy, for a team picked to go winless and not favored in a single game this year, it’s not bad.


Back to the tailgate.

After a fiery speech by some guy who appears to have no neck (Darwin, baby) and some heckling of Patriots fans nearby, Brady’s likeness – represented by his face and jersey on poles reminiscent of a scarecrow – was lit on fire to loud cheers.


The Jets to their credit hung in there, going up 14-0 and a terrible call on a goal line fumble from really being in the thick of this thing. And while their three-game winning streak is over, the Jets are headed in the right direction.


And that is something to cheer about, even if Brady isn’t still on fire in a parking lot.  

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