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Jets offseason crystal ball 4.0

Baker Mayfield. (Photo: Getty Images)

It is NFL Draft week, which means that the world famous ‘Jets Offseason Crystal Ball’ — loved by the masses and hated by NFL Insiders everywhere — is getting doused in Windex for a nice, clear reading. The crystal ball has been shockingly right this offseason, correctly predicting that the New York Jets would not be landing Kirk Cousins in free agency.

And there is no reason to doubt its powers now, is there? Don’t let us down now.

One last look at the crystal ball. Wait, upon second glance is this thing a bowling ball?

The ‘Jets Offseason Crystal Ball 4.0’

It’s Baker Time

The Crystal Ball sees a lot of clarity here and Baker Mayfield is coming to New York.

His accuracy, his ball placement, an ability to lead receivers so as to rack up YAC…there is so much to love about Mayfield as a quarterback. What he lacks in stature he makes up for with just flat-out being able to play.

Mayfield is a winner and the sole reason why Oklahoma was relevant in college football last year. Jets fans, the gritty and gutsy bunch that they are, will love his fire for the game of football. What a great fit for a team that needs a quarterback and a jolt of energy.

Mayfield, the ball says, will be a Jet. Who are we to argue?


D-Line on Day 3 

The Crystal Ball really likes the idea of the Jets going after Sebastian Joseph from Rutgers in the seventh round. The defensive tackle would need a year to develop but he could grow into a nose tackle and has the frame to add good weight.

At his Pro Day a month back, Joseph ran a 4.93 time in the 40-yard dash while weighing in at just shy of 300 pounds. That Pro Day was actually held at the Jets facility due to snow hampering the availability of the bubble at Rutgers.

Jets brass had to be impressed with Joseph from the showing on their practice field. Joseph, who had good production the last three years in the Big Ten at Rutgers, trained locally at TEST Football Academy in Martinsville, NJ so he should be ready for the next step. He could be a late round steal, the Crystal Ball thinks, as someone the Jets will draft and develop.


Oh, OLine on Day 3 Too… 

The Jets did some nice work in free agency with their offensive line over the past two seasons, but still need some more help.

Early in the fourth round would be a nice place for the Jets to add to their interior offensive line. Maea Teuhema, a guard out Southeastern Louisiana (no, that is not Bobby Boucher’s program) has potential. He needs a year or two of work but has the build to play at the next level, just needs some refinement.

The Jets are in no rush to add a guard so this could be a perfect fit.

The Crystal Ball likes him as a pick for the Jets early on Day 3. That means you should like him too. 

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