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Jets wear orange sunglasses on flight for a rosy Sunday

Check out the social media feeds of the New York Jets players on their way to London and you will see plenty of smiling faces, a wide receiver wearing a ‘Fitz Magic’ t-shirt, Beats by Dre headsets and neckpillows. Lots of neck pillows.

There’s also one other thing in common: Orange sunglasses.

It isn’t a fashion statement but rather an important part of the Jets pre-game preparations. The glasses, one player tells Metro,are “to help you get to sleep faster.”

The orange glasses are designed to block certain wavelengths of light, such as those emittedfrom electronic screens or certain types of light that will be prevalent in an airplane. There is a growing amount of evidence that these types of light make it more difficult to fall asleep and can affect melatonin levels. All of which can throw off a player’s sleep.

And you don’t want to be yawning through the game, like the Jets did for much of the first half in their Week 3 loss.


Leger Douzable


Muhammad Wilkerson

With the Jets crossing five time zones for Sunday’s game in London, sleep patterns being thrown off and jet lag will come into play. Perhaps sleeping through orange tinted glasses will help the Jets have arosyoutlook on Sunday against the 1-2 Miami Dolphins.

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