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JFK to open luxurious animal terminal next year

Next year, a new JFK luxury animal terminal will have you wishing you were your dog, cat or horse.

The ARK at JFK will be the first terminal of its kind; the world’s only privately-owned integrated air freight center with in-transit animal handling modules, USDA-approved import quarantine, veterinary hospital, diagnostic laboratory and companion animal boarding and grooming spa, the ARK boasts a model that aims to transform the air transport of animals worldwide.

“With demand for pets and animals of all kinds transported by air escalating year on year, we recognized the need for a more humane and efficient model for this significant segment of the air travel industry,” said Dr. Aaron S. Perl, Managing Director of The ARK at JFK and General Counsel of The Racebrook Portfolio Companies, in a press release.

With a 30-year lease and a $48 million structure in place, the 178,000 square foot facility that was formerly JFK’s Cargo Building 78 will take in animals of all types: horses, pets, birds, livestock — you name it.

“We identified the highest and best use for this former cargo terminal, and after repurposing the existing steel skeletal structure, the ARK will be the first-ever, USDA-approved, full-service 24-hour airport quarantine facility for the import and export of horses, pets, birds and livestock,” said Racebrook Chairman John J. Cuticelli, Jr., in a press release.

The ARK was designed by master architect Gensler and specialty architects Lachlan Oldaker, Equine Design,Temple Grandin Livestock Handling Systems and engineers Clough Harbour Associates.

Construction management is by Hold Construction and Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is providing consultation and oversight through all phases of planning and development.

The ARK has partnered with Consolidated Aviation Services, Paradise 4 Pawsand LifeCare.

Paradise 4 Paws will provide award-winning service in its 20,000 square ft. pet resort, spa and training center for cats and dogs. LifeCare, a veterinary hospital, will serve the general public around the clock for things like critical care, general medicine and surgery.

“The committed and enthusiastic participation by all stakeholders — including aviation and cargo industry leaders, federal, state and municipal government, public and private companies, academia and, of course, animal lovers and owners across the globe,” Dr. Perl said in a press release, “is indicative of a shared vision and common goal that have sparked the imagination and which Racebrook and ARK Development are making a reality.”

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