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Jimbo Fisher Texas AM coach and Willie Taggart latest

Jimbo Fisher, Texas, AM, coach

It is 90 percent certain that Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher will leave the Seminoles in favor of the Texas A&M head football coach job by Monday.

Unlike Tennessee, Texas A&M has a rich history of getting the No. 1 coaching candidate on its wish list.

The Houston Chronicle outlined today how Texas A&M always gets their man, dating back to the turn of the century.

“Each time, A&M has acquired its top target,” wrote the Houston Chronicle’s Brent Zwerneman. “All signs again point to A&M having its latest leader locked in. A&M hasn’t won a conference title since 1998 under Slocum in the Big 12 and no national title since 1939. Fisher has won three ACC championships in his eight seasons at FSU, including a national title in 2013.”

Fisher would be hailed as a God in College Station if he was to even get A&M into the College Football Playoff. No matter how well he continues to do at Florida State, he will continue to live in the shadow of Bobby Bowden. That, along with the heaps of money – obviously – is why this seems like a done deal.

As for the Florida State opening if Fisher does leave, Willie Taggart is the top choice. Taggart is a Florida kid and knows full well what FSU football means in those parts. Taggart’s silence regarding his future coaching prospects have been deafening as he has given a bunch of wishy-washy answers regarding his happiness at Oregon in recent weeks.

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