Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda team up for the summer ditty ‘Two Goats in a Boat’

Jimmy Fallon and Lin Manuel Miranda sing Two Goats in a Boat

What’s better than Jimmy Fallon and Lin Manuel-Miranda together? Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda on a boat, bonding over their goatees. Fallon posted the video — titled “Two Goats in a Boat,” of course —  on Instagram on Friday with the caption “Goatee Summer w/ Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

And yes, it’s as pointlessly funny as you’d imagine.

Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda bond over goatees

The video starts with Fallon shaving his stubble into a goatee. “I wish I had someone to share it with,” The Tonight Show host lamented. Cut to Fallon on a kayak, again alone, until he pans over to reveal he’s actually with the Hamilton creator.

They fit a lot into their stint as two goats on a boat, rhyming goats on a boat with everything from senior quotes to listening to Hall & Oates. And where did they do all of this? On a boat, of course.

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda sing ‘Two Goats in a Boat’


Goatee Summer w/ Lin-Manuel Miranda #TwoGoatees #TwoGoatsInABoat ?? In A ?‍♂️

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The pair might have found their inspiration for “Two Goats in a Boat” when Miranda appeared on The Tonight Show in March. During that appearance, the pair geeked out over “The Hamilton Polka,” Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of Miranda’s hit Broadway show.

“We have been talking about this for a year,” Miranda told Fallon of the parody. “I heard it for the first time last Thursday night. My wife had the presence of mind to film me hearing it for first time; tears streaming down my cheeks. And then the song stops and my phone rings and it’s Questlove, who somehow already heard it… He went, ‘Forget your Pulitzer, your Genius Grant is nothing, you’ve been immortalized by ‘Weird Al,’ you’re done, you’ve peaked!'”

Fallon later said his first concert was a Weird Al show, so the seeds for comedic skirts were sewn early in his life. Explains why “Two Goats in a Boat” is so ridiulously pointless, but catchy — just try to get it out of your head.

You won’t, we promise.

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