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Jindalee Shiraz, Santa Carolina among readers’ favourite picks

The contest is over and I’m delighted to say that the voting was three times heavier than last year. As Adela said, “Last year we just read, but it was way more fun to participate.” Thanks to all who entered and please keep writing. It’s great to know you enjoy this column.

So which wines won? Every wine I recommended got votes. And why not? I picked them! Some got a few more votes than others, but as I expected, there was no clear winner. One of the reasons I run this contest is to prove there is no single best. There are many, and it’s the combination of wine, mood and situation that makes one work better than the next. And I also want to make you aware Australia is not the only wine country.

One reader had difficulty with the Likan Cabernet but “that might have had something to do with the paint fumes as we just finished doing the bathroom.”

Most of your experiences were more positive, except for Tracy’s husband, who was disappointed to come home to an empty La Vieille Ferme bottle. Way to go Tracy! Christine liked the Vila Regia “nicely accented with tobacco, felt like I’d just eaten a Montecristo.” RB cracked Santa Carolina chardonnay for “a game of Risk – Lord Of The Rings.” Natalie found her “new house red in Casal Thaulero Merlot/Cabernet.” Many of you were excited over this discovery.

Jindalee Shiraz also got lots of votes, “went well with homeburgers, the bottle was empty before we knew it.” No mention if they had a backup!

The other red that many enjoyed was Pasqua Primitivo and some were “delighted in general with the Italian reds”— which has prompted me to offer one more as this week’s pick.

Corvina is one of the grapes used to produce Valpolicella and now the Pasqua winery is giving it a solo life. You’ll find it to be quite yummy but still vibrant in the Italian style. The feeling is modern — you might say it’s both nice and rustic. Good with anything. The screw-cap reflects what’s in the bottle.

P.S. Korae is the Greek word for crow. Drink crow — beats eating it!

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‘Korae,’ Veneto, Italy

LCBO No.: 619312

Price: $12.75

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