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Job-hunting grads shouldn’t forget about the little guy

As a student in a business program with strong connections to a number of large corporations, I started my job search by emulating what other students around me were doing: applying to large consumer packaged goods, accounting and consulting firms that recruited students directly from our program.

These companies were actually coming to us, hands outstretched, asking for resumés and cover letters. So, it only made sense to give them what they were looking for.

In retrospect, I realize this is a privilege that most other university students do not have.

Having said that, after jumping through the hoops of these large corporations’ systematic recruitment processes and getting turned down numerous times, I found myself becoming very jaded to this type of job hunt.

The process was painfully repetitive: Attend on-campus information session. Submit resumé and cover letter. Fill out online application. Attach resumé and cover letter again. Wait for response. Interview. Get turned down. Hopelessly wonder why.

Though I began each new application excited about the prospect of the job, by the end I had lost much of my passion and zeal. It was at this point that, through the Impact Entrepreneurship Group, I was introduced to the world of start-ups and small businesses, which breathed new life into my job hunt.

This was it. No more faceless applications, no more jumping through unnecessary hoops, and no more generic emails turning me down without any sort of explanation. Finally, an application process where I was dealing with real people who were incredibly passionate about their work. Plus, they were equally interested in me and what I could bring to the table.

It was a whole new world of job opportunities.

My advice to my fellow students is not to restrict themselves to applying only for positions they find through career centres or on job boards.

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