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Joe Jonas is on his own

Joe Jonas has no concern about downsizing.

Following the lead of his younger brother Nick, he’s starting up a solo career. He’ll release his debut album, “FastLife” next month and he’s uniting with U.K. R&B star Jay Sean for an American co-headlining tour. A European trek opening for Britney Spears will follow that tour.

Going from a band that was wantonly compared to the Beatles (possibly more for popularity rather than artistic output) to being an opening act and co-headliner doesn’t seem to bother Jonas at all.

“It’s exciting. I’m never the kind of person that looks for things too much to feel disappointed about — you know, what type of venues I’m playing, how many records are sold,” Jonas tells Metro.

“Having the opportunity to play music and to tour, and to be honest and do what I love, that makes me happy. All the rest will come with it, if it does. If it doesn’t, I’m still going to be thankful for what I have.”

Though Jonas’s solo album attracts plenty of fan and media attention, it is not the huge hoopla the Jonas Brothers drew during their peak. Metro wonders if Jonas feels under less pressure now.

“It can sometimes be even more pressure, just because you put the pressure on yourself to be the best you can be,” he says. “Also, when there’s less people in the room, that’s when I get nervous. It’s when it’s a huge audience you feel like it’s just a sea of people. It’s not really one or two. Eighty or 800 people staring you down, it’s a totally different thing.”

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