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Joe Montana reminisces about NFL training camp

For Joe Montana, training camp wasn't just a time to get ready for the NFL season. (Photo: Getty Images)

Joe Montana has been retired since 1994, the four-time Super Bowl winner saying that he misses the game and his NFL teammates. That’s probably because Montana, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, also deserves to be enshrined as a prankster and not just as a quarterback.

Saying that he misses the locker room environment the most of anything in the NFL, Montana is like most former players who wish they could still play the game. He recalls a time early in his career when he and a teammate pranked the other members of the San Francisco 49ers in training camp.

During the summer session, nearly everyone on the 49ers rode a bicycle around their campus location from the practice fields to the team meeting and then split up for the positional meetings.

So Montana, along with legendary wide receiver Dwight Clark, pulled a prank that is still talked about in San Francisco to this day.

“We bought the longest chain you’ve ever seen and locked everyone. As soon as they let us out of the meeting, we sprinted out of the room because everyone’s bikes were locked and no one could get out. They had to call someone to cut the lock,” Montana said with a laugh. “Then we had to lock our doors that night. We watched our backs for at least a week.”

Montana spoke at a recent FanDuel mini golf event in New York City where he played with fans. The event promoted FanDuel’s online contest for last week’s John Deere Classic where Montana competed with fans in fantasy golf:

He looks back fondly on his time in the locker room and being with his teammates, waxing nostalgic on that era in the NFL.

“The most fun was the locker room. Before games, after games, every day of the week – the comradery. The friendships that you make that are lasting,” Montana said. “The tricks that you play on people, the things that happen naturally. You just don’t see it in everyday life. People think it’s all serious but it isn’t. It is serious but you have to have some fun too.” 

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