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Joel Silver dampens those ‘Matrix’ reboot rumors

Joel Silver talks Matrix reboot

Joel Silver has dampened the hopes of the previously touted Matrix reboot, although he did confirm that there have been discussions about the potential blockbuster.

After breaking down Silver’s work rebooting “SuperFly,” I turned the conversation to the speculation surrounding the expansion of “The Matrix” universe.  

“There is a discussion about it,” admitted Silver. “It is too early to talk about it. I hope we can find a way back to it. That would make me very happy. But as of right now it is just a lot of discussion.”

But it was Silver’s next comment that suggested cinephiles might have been jumping the gun a tad regarding future “Matrix” films, especially in the context of the current movie blockbuster landscape.

“I think there’s always concern about very expensive movies. And that would be a very expensive movie. I don’t want to get to a place where I am toying with something that I don’t really know is going to happen. But I hope that a day will come where I can talk about it.”

Silver’s remarks follow on from those that have previously been made by screenwriter Zak Penn.

Penn was revealed as the man tasked by Warner Bros to expand “The Matrix” world back in March, 2017, although he insisted that it wouldn’t be a reboot and would instead just be an additional story set in the universe.

That was something that Penn underlined in October, 2017, when he explained, “Not a reboot, not a continuation, watch ‘Animatrix,’ read comics to see what Wachowskis did. A script in development is not a movie.”

“No casting, director, style can be discussed yet. Nothing to see here folks…yet. No need to put actors or anyone on the spot, because there’s nothing there yet.”

Penn then provided his most recent update while promoting “Ready Player One,” telling Screen Rant, “I’ve been working on Matrix right now. Which is in…a phase right now.”

“That’s a franchise I desperately want to see brought back and, I can’t go in to too much detail, but I’ve been harassing Warner Bros. for years to try to get it going again so that’s one thing I’m working on and I’ve been working on a bunch of other things too.”