John Fugelsang of ‘Page Six TV’ gears up for national syndication – Metro US

John Fugelsang of ‘Page Six TV’ gears up for national syndication

John Fugelsang of ‘Page Six TV’ gears up for national syndication

Last summer, we chatted with celebrated comedian and host, John Fugelsang, about “Page Six TV,” a New York- centric entertainment show that covers everything from celebrity gossip to real estate to politics.

After undergoing a trial run in seven markets at different time slots, “Page Six TV” is officially being nationally syndicated and makes its debut in 98% of the United States on Monday, Sept. 18.

“This show is not like anything else on TV.  With ‘Chelsea Lately’ gone, ‘The Soup’ gone, ‘Best Week Ever’ gone, there are no comedy shows covering celebrity culture,” Fugelsang says.

While most entertainment television is filmed on the west coast, “Page Six TV” stands out for being filmed on the east coast in New York City.

“There’s never been an entertainment show with a New York point of view,” Fugelsang reveals. “They’re always the fabulous Hollywood-based show where everyone is tan and smiling a little too much. We all like to wear black and chain smoke.”

Joining him on the show is an esteemed panel of entertainment experts: Bevy Smith (Bravo’s “Fashion Queens”), Variety entertainment reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister and New York Post “Page Six” reporter Carlos Greer.

“All of the experts are industry insiders. In the case of this show, I’ve been astonished at how inside Carlos, Bevy and Elizabeth are,” he says. “Their blackberries are always going off, the Rock is texting Elizabeth;  These people have a lot of connections in their professional lives.”

Because of these connections, “Page Six TV” plans to steer clear of “mean” entertainment coverage.

“These experts can’t burn their contacts,” adds Fugelsang. “I didn’t want to do a stupid show, I didn’t want to do a mean show. Just as people who aren’t into politics still tune into ‘The Daily Show,’ people who aren’t into pop culture can turn to ‘Page Six TV’  because it’s a witty take.”

And while Fugelsang is well known for his work in politics, he admits that diving into a pop culture show is a breath of fresh air, not just for himself, but for the country as a whole.

“This show is very good for my brain creatively, after so much political rancor to be able to tell jokes about whatever horrible atrocity Justin Bieber committed on the world today.” He adds, “America is so divided right now. Hopefully your right wing and left wing loved ones can argue politics at the dinner table and come together to watch ‘Page Six TV’ and laugh at Kardashians.”

For more information on Page Six TV, visit: pagesix.com/tv