John Krasinski dusts off his Boston accent for Seth Meyers – Metro US

John Krasinski dusts off his Boston accent for Seth Meyers

John Krasinski

After having his loyalties questioned by the founder of Barstool Sports, Seth Meyers had to enduring another roasting on Thursday night, this time at the hands of fellow New England native John Krasinski.

“The Office” alum stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to chat about his new movie “Detroit,” which filmed in Massachusetts, but of course the conversation took a turn towards Boston sports. Since the late-night host hails from New Hampshire, Krasinski says that Meyers and people from his home state aren’t considered full-fledged Red Sox fans.

“You’re like our JV squad of fans,” Krasinski joked. “We ride in the bus and you guys ride in the cars behind the bus.”

Meyers did get the actor back when Krasinski mentioned that he’s actually from Newton, the “least street” suburb of Boston.

“I should point out to the people in actual Boston, you are the JV,” Meyers said. “Newton is to Southie what New Hampshire is to Newton.”

Krasinski couldn’t help but agree with the “Saturday Night Live” veteran’s burn, which prompted him to break out his Boston accent.

“Right now some guy’s going, ‘Is he giving that New Hampshire kid a hard time?'” Krasinski said. “‘I’ll give you a hard time Newton.'”

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