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John Stamos is a total GILF

John Stamos is thrilled to be back in the sitcom world with “Grandfathered,” but he’s making no secret about the fact that he’s not the biggest fan of the title. But his new live-in-the-now outlook won’t let him dwell on that too much.

Suddenly having two shows to work on at once seems like a good problem to have, like when it rains it pours.
I’m always throwing as many balls into the air as I can, and when they start to work, they work. But yeah, I guess that’s what’s happening. But I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, so I’m really digging in and really giving it my all. I could take on another show right now. I have so much happy, pure, good energy right now with the people around me and in my heart. You know, I was fuzzy for a few years, and now I’m clear. I can feel it.

With “Grandfathered,” is there a fun to be had inpeople commenting on how young you are?
To be honest with you, it’s flattering, but I don’t really know what the answer is. I think it’s a clever hook for the show just in thinking about marketing. Because we had about 50 other titles I preferred other than “Grandfathered,” but it was what’s the twist, what’s the catch?

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What were some of those title ideas?
“John Stamos is a Sexy Dude in his 50s,” you know. Mainly just that one. (laughs) No, there was “Coming of Age,” and at one point we were going to call it “The G-Spot.” They wanted to call it “GILF.” We went through a bunch of stuff. I remember when they settled on “Grandfathered.” I mean, I get it, but the show to me is so much more than me being a grandfather.

So what was it that made things un-fuzzy for you?
I went through somepersonal issuesand I just came out of it more grateful and just equipped to dig in deeper and work harder and be more present. The past, I realized, can be really sometimes sad and dark, and the future gives me anxiety. So I just deal with today, and here we are with this show and I’m happy about it.

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Are you tired of questions about the Olsen twins yet?
No, I get it. It’s funny because of the age and all that. I get why people ask these questions. It makes sense, I would probably ask the question, too. But I don’t have any good answers for them, you know? The Olsen twins thing is funny because people are like, “Oh! You’re working with babies again!” That was 25 years ago. It’s not like it’s too soon. But it’s working.

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